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Wartune: Hall of Heroes – Android

Wartune: Hall of Heroes – Android

Screenshot_2015-12-28-16-44-48Platform:  Android

Release Date:  August 13, 2012 (Web Release)

Developer:  7th Road, Kabamb

Publisher: Kabamb

Genre:  MMO, RPG

Nerd Rating: 9 out of 10


Just look at that ART!

Let me take you on an adventure. Take my hand as I introduce you to a world of magic, a world of treasures, a world in dire need of saving! A world called Balenor. It is up to you to stop the powers of The Void from enveloping the land in darkness eternal. Can you save this magical world from total chaos? Or will your enemies claim your soul to be counted among the twisted ranks of their dark army? If this sounds exciting, then Wartune: Hall of Heroes is the app for your magical mobile device! Available now in the Google Play store for free.

You are the hero of this story! And with that, you get to choose your gender and the type of hero you want to be! You can choose from any of the three classes offered: Knight, Archer, and Mage. Mage is my personal favorite, like, all the time! So this game was no exception.


It was not easy to get this far, but I suppose that’s part of the fun.

I think the very first thing that took me a minute for my slow brain to process was the graphics. The art of the game was stunning. The beautiful art of this game put my art “skills” to the deepest shame. I was so stunned that I found myself just… staring… at my character.

Next was the mechanics of the game. It starts you off with a lot of single player stuff to get your feet wet. Which is awesome, because, it explained everything from basic fighting to buff stacks. It got into a little town management, as well as gardening (I will get into this further, just give me a second!). Once I reached level 12, I was given an opportunity to join a guild! This opens the door to not only make online friends, but to add even more buffs to your hero!

Now, I know that was a lot to take in, so let me break it down piece by piece. First, let’s start with none other than your character. Your character changes appearance based on what clothing you equip him/her with. Clothing can affect your character’s strength as well as just about anything else. Which is a big deal, considering everyone on the game is fighting for the best Battle Rating.

The Battle Rating is basically a number gauge based on your strength. It gives you a very clear idea of how you will fare in battle verses other people. You can view other people’s battle rating too (let’s just call it ‘BR’ for short, okay? It’ll make it easier). Seeing other character’s BR will help you determine whether you will succeed when fighting them or not.


A quick look at Astrals.

Remember when I said that pretty much everything affects your BR? I really am not kidding. You can capture the stars, or Astrals, that will give perks specific to your character. You can upgrade Astrals and assign them you your hero and increase your BR. Once you level up, your BR goes up a little. You can enchant your clothes and armor on your hero to raise your BR. Socket gems into your armor to raise your BR. Recruit soldiers to fight alongside you, raising your BR. Have spirits, or Sylphs, to join your cause, and upgrade them too, to increase your BR significantly. It’s hard to remember all that!

I think you get the idea, that your BR is extremely important.

Believe me, I’m not even close to finished. I mentioned before that once you reach level 12, you can join a guild. There are so many out there to join. Some are more well known than others, but they are governed by ordinary people like you and me. Don’t be shy, apply to any one guild that strikes your fancy. Word of advice? Join a guild that has strong, but supportive and kind folks in them. They are more likely to help you on the road to getting stronger by doing tough quests with you and helping you with strategies and interesting ways to raise your BR. (Hey! I’m in the guild called Legends on “Server 75 – US East”)


My Town (a few levels ago).

Now, here’s where I am going to talk about town management. You have a town that is pretty much your source for gold and troops. You also have a blacksmith to upgrade your armor and an academy that increases certain aspects of your hero (again, the BR). Whenever you level up, you can level your town up to your current level. This is important for the advancement of your hero. It’s all about leveling it up along with you to increase the rewards you get. Farm management is a simple concept, you can grow gold crops and experience points crops and the like. You can visit other people’s farms and help them out. You get a little something for your troubles every time.

Where does that leave you time to do your story missions, you ask? Don’t you worry, unless it is specified, your missions are never going to go away. Whatever you miss one day will likely be there the next day, or in a couple of days. There are plenty of things to do with other players and plenty of new people you can help get better. I personally think the Wartune community is pretty positive overall.

The main currency is gold, here on Wartune. However, there is another currency, as there usually is in almost every app. This other currency is called Balens. You can earn them, but if you’re like me, and don’t feel like waiting, you can buy them. Use them to level up faster, get rare equipment and all that. I don’t really care for spending actual money on virtual currency. I spent about 70 bucks I didn’t have already on this game, much to my own shame.


Me kicking ass.

I know I explained a lot about this game already, but I have only scratched the surface. I suppose my point is that there is a lot to do in this game that will keep you busy. I have spent a few months on this game, and have only leveled up to level 55 (as of 1/11/16).

I never thought I’d say it, but this is really an app I adore. It’s art is phenomenal, the pvp and co-op modes are easy to play and navigation is enjoyable, and the sheer amount of things you can do in the game will leave you playing till the sun comes down.

Written by Nerdy Friend

Nerdy Friend lives in the fair land of Michigan as a YouTuber, for the most part. Her hobbies include gaming, drawing, and writing. She has two sister cats named Moon Sugar and Skooma. Even though Mortal Kombat was the first game Nerdy Friend ever played, she always held The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) close to her heart. Feel free to add her on Steam: NerdyFriend, and check out her YouTube channel: No Lives Left.


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