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Congrats to InfinteKnife on getting hitched!

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Congrats to NB author InfiniteKnife! He just got married!

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The greatest year in gaming history is now..well, history. Looking forward to seeing how 2018 stacks up!

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NerdBerry’s Bacon Bits

NerdBerry’s Bacon Bits

Welcome to NerdBerry’s Bacon Bits… and no. That’s not a double entendre. This is where NerdBerry lays down his deep thoughts on life, music, video games, movies, and more. Leave him a comment or drop him a line. He’s eager to spark a conversation with ANYONE! Even if you work for Nerd Bacon!


Congrats to NB author InfiniteKnife! He just got married!

September 25, 2015 – 4:19pm: So it’s obviously been a long time since I updated my Bacon Bit blog. New Year’s Day to be exact! I’m here because I’m psyched about my brand new records that finally came in the mail! In late May of this year I placed my pre-order of the limited edition vinyl records for the Streets of Rage and Shenmue soundtracks! I knew it would take a while to arrive, but good golly miss molly! I didn’t get them until September 21st. I am a bit unfortunate as my receiver has been broken for almost a year, so I can’t actually play the records!

shenmue streets of rage vinyls

But to be honest, do I even want to spin these records? Both vinyls are limited collector’s edition with translucent splatter and wave pressings. I think I’d rather frame these and save them for a game room (assuming I ever make enough money in my life to get a game room). So that means I need to buy 2 standard editions that I can spin at my leisure. And recently I discovered that Data-Discs, the company behind these remastered releases, is bringing 2 new soundtracks to vinyl this year: Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master and Super Hang-On. Shinobi III features one of my all-time favorite soundtracks. It’s masterful. It’s brilliant. It’s beautiful. And it evokes some serious emotion with its dark bass-driven undertones. And on deck for their 5th and 6th vinyls is Streets of Rage 2 and Out-Run. Gonna be a fun 2016!


Included with the Streets of Rage vinyl are 5 character cards. Does anybody know what I’m supposed to do with these things?! They are one-sided and don’t appear to have any stats or anything. Where do I put them? How do I show them off?


January 1st, 2015 – 9:42am – Been a long time since I dropped by and sprinkled some bacon bits on all you video game lovers out there. So I’m working on the upcoming theme for Nerd Bacon and it’s called Retroary. It’s gonna be a month’s long endeavor to play/review as many retro games as possible! NB is gonna be a gathering place for retro game lovers everywhere! February 1st to February 28th!

I’m also dealing with a bit of a dilemma… When you have to go poop but you’re brewing coffee at the moment… do you struggle with the pain of holding it in and wait until you’re done with the coffee (b/c it’ll make you drop some buttjuice anyway), or do you relieve the pain and paint the bathroom walls before your coffee and then again once you’re done with the coffee…? Hmm… Let me know what’s best in the comments below. 🙂


October 24, 2014 – 10:13am – For the past 2 weeks I’ve been training and studying my ass off for a test at this restaurant I’m about to work at. It’s called Cowfish. Burger. Sushi. Bar. Excellent food! Great training program. And really fun place to work. It’s the only restaurant I’ve ever been too with a REAL training program and a place that allows you to really be yourself. I will admit however that the training program COULD BE LONGER considering how in-depth the menu is. For someone such as myself, I have 2 other jobs: Washing houses and operating a website. So if you’ve got lots of time, then you should be fine. ME, however, I’ve been pulling double shift days typically running 14 to 16 hours in length between washing houses/commercial jobs and The Cowfish. There’s virtually no time to study! Furthermore, I had the benefit of being familiar with their Aloha POS system. Had I not known how to use that system, I could see myself REALLY being behind.

Anyway, if you’re looking for excellent food, The Cowfish is truly amazing. Seriously it’s one of the best burgers I’ve EVER had and their insane concept of turning normal red meat items into sushi rolls is wacky but awesome too. It’s a bit pricey, but you get a ton of food and it’s all made in house and high-quality all natural non-hormone and non-antibiotic.

The Cowfish has locations in Charlotte and Raleigh. They are about to open one in Orlando (Chris Boose, go get you some Burgushi brother!), and they are on the verge of striking a deal to put one up in Atlanta. They’re growing and growing fast. These places are unique and worthy of consideration. Oh, and they’re not paying me any money to write this. They actually don’t even know I have a website. 🙂


September 29, 2014 – 5:33pm – Been raining all damn day in Raleigh… and guess who’s been outside working in it? That’s right you shitsipping frittatas! ME! Go sip your $28.99 Starbucks Grande Espresso Americano. I don’t want that. I have a Keurig now courtesy of my kcupsister and mom who went halvseys on it for my wedding gift. All I gotta do is pop one of these badass little K-Cups into my machine and… wait… WTF… This 1 single K-Cup cost me over $1 and I only get 1 cup of coffee for it?! Fuckin’-A you can’t be serious?! Sure, you can buy the cheaper brands if you want, but holy shit talk about a luxury for anybody who wants a halfway decent cup of coffee at home. Oh, you have guests coming over? You better take your Keurig and stash it under the sink where nobody will find it… wait, no. That’s too close to the action. If someone spots that badboy, you’re a fuckin’ goner. You’ll be dishin’ out 2 K-Cups per person, meaning you just spent like $6 to $10 for 3 to 5 people to drink your coffee when you could have made an entire pot of traditional drip coffee for like $1 of a comparable brand! I’M MAD AS HELL! But the convenience is undeniable… Ugh fine. I’m gonna make a cup of coffee now and stop complaining.

Please send all K-Cup donations to the Nerd Bacon office in Wake Forest, NC. We drinks lots o’ coffees over heres.

– Nerd Barista Berry



September 6th, 2014 11:45am – Alright yall. It’s the weekend. I’m bored as shit! I’ve spent the last 3 hours straight doing my top 10 favorite games list! I mean, that’s cool! But it’s such a beautiful day outside, I need to get a little bit out of it! Then I’ll do more tonight and tomorrow morning. But tomorrow will almost exclusively be NFL (go Steelers!), hot dogs, and homemade Chorizo Queso dip! GETTIN’ FAT!

After doing my top 10 favorite games list this morning, I’m sort of itching pretty hard to play Jet Grind Radio! Hint: It’s on my list! I haven’t played it in a while but it’s still one of my alltime favorite games! I’d love to spraypaint some shit!

David Nerdberry


August 13, 2014 – 9:53am – Hey Baconeers, newbs, and other Nerd Bacon followers! This will be my last transmission until probably September as I am about to embark on my wedding adventure… IN FABULOUS BURLINGTON NORTH CAROLINA!


It’s really a nice town but most people only know what they see on the highway when they pass through Burlington on Interstate 40. It’s pretty ugly looking from the interstate, but it’s a gorgeous place. Anyway, we’ll be getting married in Burlington and then we’re off to North Myrtle Beach for the honeymoon! Oh, hey, question… For those of you who don’t live on the East Coast… Is Myrtle Beach well known in other parts of the country? I grew up only 3 hours away so I have no perspective on this.


July 23, 2014 – 6:49pm – Howdy folks! I’m heavily entrenched in working on my Sonic collection. Not only am I trying to complete a Sonic the Hedgehog collection, but I’m going to attempt to play and review EVERY SONIC GAME EVER MADE! This is going to be like, a year long project. Because Sonic 1 and 2 was released on 3 different systems (Sega Master System, Genesis, Game Gear) with very different  characteristics. Then there’s all of the spin-off titles. What about the games created by Sonic Team that aren’t Sonic games? Technically, no. Not Sonic games. BUT they were created by Sonic’s creators. So, after all Sonic games have been done, I’ll do that.

As a collector and a fan, it’s not enough to own JUST the cartridges/discs. I MUST own the complete copies! So… on the Game Gear alone there are 9 direct Sonic games, 3 spin-offs, and 1 compilation 2-in-1 cart, making for 13 total games! JUST FOR GAME GEAR! Ugh! I’m going to go broke!!!

I’m thinking that it should look something like this…… Yea… I got this!


July 13, 2014 – 3:38pm – WATCHING THE WORLD CUP FINAL!!!! Also, met a cool dude today. Oscar! He’ll be helping Nerd Bacon get its first videos up! We’re super excited to have him join the Baconeers!

ON a different note, I’m going to start working towards a LONG project. I’ll be reviewing only Sonic games until they’re all completed. ugh! And I’m a Sonic fan! I’ll probably hate Sonic once this is done!

Anyway, yall stay nerdy and check us out! Keep your eye out for videos on YouTube and Reddit soon!!!

June 28, 2014 – 10:37am – Work is finally starting to slow down (FOR NOW). I’m sitting here going through the hordes of Nerd Bacon emails while watching Entourage. I’m gonna watch it start to finish! All 8 seasons. I’m a big fan of the series, and since it has been years since i’ve watched it, it’s a mixture of brand new mixed with revisiting old friends.

So, The Cubistro and I are really wanting to get these portals going. I’m going to make a Sonic the Hedgehog hub which will incorporate anything and everything Sonic! But damnit I love these Sonic games so much that I’m afraid to review them! I don’t want to sit here and gush over the Genesis games for forever. I’ll try to bang through them but I’ll admit that it’s going to be tough.

THEN, one day… I’ll have to play Sonic CD… Oh boy! Look out! Actually, shit… I think I’m gonna go to the flea market and see if I can’t snag some cheap games! Adios Baconeers!


June 3, 2014 – 6:25pm – Hey yall. Reporting directly from Barboursville, West Virginia! Woo! What a cool town THIS place is! Sorry to anyone who grew up here. It’s not terrible, but man am I bored. I’m gonna go mine some coal now.

For real though, just worked in Huntingdon WV last night, working in Barboursville tonight, then working in Virginia Beach tomorrow. Mountains to beaches. Yaaaaay.

I’m pysched for E3! I’m ready to gather up all the information that I can and get the world the news they need in an interesting way!

Time to go make some money yall. Thank goodness for my PSP… which I thought was going to be a balls out rockin’ system… but I’m really having trouble getting into it. The games are just okay so far, with CRUSH being the most interesting. Killzone is decent, but not like I hoped. Army of Two is alright, again, not like I hoped. Wipeout Pure doesn’t quite feel like a regular Wipeout game. And bc of that BS, I spend more time watching these movies than anything, which has turned out to be the coolest thing about the PSP. At Trade-It in Raleigh, they were doing buy 5 movies get 2 free. Amazing. Each movie was 99cents, so I got 7 movies for friggin’ $5!



May 27, 2014 – 9:16pm – I’m up much later than usual tonight. That’s sad because it’s only a quarter past 9pm. Anyway, LETS ALL WELCOME NERDBERRY BACK FROM HIS MEMORIAL DAY VACATION!

“Hey Nerdberry! Welcome back!” – Anonymous

“Hey Nerdberry! We’re so glad you’re back and glad you had fun!” – Nerd Bacon Guest Writer

“Dude! Rock on.” – President Obama

So, it was a short vacation. They’re never long enough. I went up to Derry, Pennsylvania (it’s about an hour east of Pittsburgh in the mountain country) on Friday. Got there are 2:30am Friday night. Our dog woke us up around 7am. That was fun. Left Monday morning around 9:30am. For those of yall who dunno, we stay in Raleigh, NC. So it’s a solid 8 to 9 hour drive.



The good part about this trip is that I convinced my fiancee to drive the whole way back, giving me plenty of time to play my BRAND NEW PLAYSTATION PORTABLE! Wait, did he say PSP? Doesn’t he mean PS Vita? No. I don’t. I’m too cool to show up to a party on time. I’m that cool dude who is always late to the party. So I got my PSP, 5 games, 1 movie, and Beavis and Butt-head Volume 2 UMDs packed into my Sega Game Gear carrying case haha. Good to go. I played CRUSH, Little Big Planet, Go! Sudoku, and watched some Beavis and Butt-head for a change of pace.

Favorite Beavis and Butt-head line from the trip: After getting nose surgery, thinking they were actually getting penis-enlargement surgery, Butt-head says, “Hey Beavis. Our wieners are bigger. Heh-heh. I’m gonna need a bigger hand.”


The sun was shining through every damn window directly on my PSP, and it really messed with the color clarity and it pissed me off.


My taint after Taco Tuesdays…

Alright Nerd Baconeers…. I love yall. Stop by again and stay in touch! Drop me a line and let’s talk video games!


May 20 – 2014 – 8:41pm – Alright Baconeers and other people reading this… After working consecutive 60+ hour weeks, I’m ready to kill myself. It’s slowing down just a tad, somehow. I dunno. But I’m either starting to feel normal again or I’m getting acclimated to the shitty hours.

I’m very surprised to discover that PROJECT OBSCURE (check out some of our games) has piqued my interest in these crappy games again! Hell, I’ve already done 2 3DO games! To be honest, I love the 3DO for like 2 reasons. 1.) It was THE first obscure system I ever owned. Got it in like 1999 or 2000 or something. Everything I had ever owned up til then was popular well-known systems. I had 2 games: Pebble Beach Golf Links and FIFA International Soccer. I played FIFA a few times, but really didn’t touch this system for like over a decade. It was the FZ-1 (that’s the one with the motorized disc tray). Then, in 2011, I found some guy on Craigslist who was getting rid of his entire gaming collection. He had hundreds of Genesis games, ALL COMPLETE IN BOX too. ugh I wish I had more money. But I did get an FZ-10 3DO system plus like 15 C.I.B boxed games for $100!!! He was nice to me bc I called him every Friday (payday) to buy more stuff haha.

What I’m getting at is that my current 3DO collection kinda sucks. I’m afraid that most of the 3DO library sucks! But then I played Burning Soldier, and was pretty delighted! THEN, I played Wolfenstein 3D… and I was even MORE delighted!!! I’m excited to dig deeper into these games, one of which will be FIFA, which I’m doing in honor of the World Cup! Crunch on Baconeers. – NERDBERRY


May 7, 2014 – 6:26pm – Hello folks in Bacon Bit land! Great news. Nerd Bacon has been really picking up steam since the beginning of April and we have nobody to thank except for our wonderful writing team! Excellent job to all of our contributors, writers, authors, senior authors, staff members, officers, and The Cubist. Without all of their efforts, Nerd Bacon would still be trudging along.

While pleased with where we are, we will never be content until we’re truly a recognized name in the video gaming industry! Nothing happens overnight, and working on a  serious budget (people out there… i kid you not when I say we have 30+ writers, 5 staff members, and 2 owners who work FOR FREE), growing fast is tougher than ever. But we’re sold on the idea. We live and breathe Nerd Bacon! After all, this site was started to give an outlet for gamers who LOVE games! Nothing is sacred. If we someone wanted to bash Super Mario 64, that would be acceptable as long as they could support it logically. And then I WOULD BEAT THEIR FREEGIN’ FACES IN!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE SUPER MARIO 64 IS AN AWESOME GAME!

Alright, so… out of boredom, here are a few of my favorite video games of all time:


Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Super Mario 64

Super Smash Bros Melee

Super Mario World

Donkey Kong Country 3

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (yes, Genesis version. Not Game Gear or Master System version)

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (yes, the combination of the 2… omg I remember the first time I beat that game… talk about EPIC!)

Diddy Kong Racing

Power Stone 2

Super Monkey Ball 2 (I still love to pick that game up and play it from time to time for no reason)

LOLO (for the NES)

Cybernoid (NES game. man does this game suck an egg. But I got fixated on trying to beat it once and played it for like 4 straight hours… never to beat it. Okay, this game sucks and should be removed but I’ve already typed it in and i”m going to leave it)

Mario Kart 64

Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine

Dr. Mario

Bug Too!

I should stop because I could go on for forever. Anyway, these are some of the games that stand out in my head in a 2 minute BRAIN BLAST PROCESSING SESSION. Stay Nerdy all you Baconeers and Baconettes! If you’re new to Nerd Bacon, WELCOME! Please come back and drop a line with us. We LOVE to chat with all of our fans! haha

Nerb-Derry Out!

April 29th, 2014 – 6:08pm – So, usually I get off work around 3pm, or 3:30pm. Sometimes 4pm and sometimes 2pm. So I got off at 4pm today, and my friend says “Man, you got a little later than most Mondays.” (Mondays are slower, usually a 230pm kinda day). And I say back to him “Yeah, very odd… and I just worked 12 straight hours.” – That’s right. It’s weird to get off work at 4pm and have just finished a 12 hour shift. Gotta be back at the shop at 5am tomorrow. NOT LOVING IT! But I do like my job. It’s not that bad.


Hopefully I can play some games soon. Maybe I’ll get an earlier day off and will actually get to review 1 more crappy game for April!


April 23, 2014 – 6:25pm – Earliest Bacon Bits Blogging time logged. Completed. Done. – Okay so I’m going to get down on some GameCube here soon. Dunno why but it seems like an AWESOME idea. I just randomly feel like a Nintendo GameCube kinda day. – Been a long week. 3 days in and already sittin around 32 hours of work. Still got all day tomorrow and Friday. BRING ON THE OVERTIME PAY!

Group of businessman run and beat for time.

April 19, 2014 – 9:12pm – Just finished up a meeting with Nerd Bacon staff members Variand and Cubist. We got a lot done! Hopefully we’ll see some cool stuff coming up soon! We’re gonna work on it!

On a different note… I am torn on what games to play. I want to get into Diddy Kong Racing, but I feel like I could write all day on that game… 4,000+ words! TOO MANY WORDS!

It’s almost 4/20 yall. Bust out the bong.


April 16, 2014 – 7:54pm – Fiancee is gone for a few hours. Time to eat really unhealthy so I don’t have to feel guilty haha GETTIN’ FAT IN RALEIGH NORTH CAROLINA!


April 15, 2014 – 8:06pm – Hey folks. Nerdberry here. Spent the better half of the afternoon working on Nerd Bacon’s first Google+ page, plus promoting NB through Facebook and Twitter. So it’s been a sort of wild social media evening. My fiancee knew I was going to be doing NB stuff all day but was making me feel guilty about it, so now it’s time to entertain the other love of my life… Rose. But I gotta be up at 5:00am for work, so I doubt I’ll be doing too much more this evening.

On a different note, I have a new TOP 10 in the works! I hope to have it completed by tomorrow night. And hopefully have it posted by Friday the 18th. It’ll be cool! Signing off. Over and out. 10-4. Roger. Adios.

Got a little bored and banged this out in a couple minutes.

Got a little bored and banged this out in a couple minutes.


April 9, 2014 – 8:55pm – Howdy Baconeers, Baconettes, Bacon-lovers, and, well, I guess anybody else. So, I’ve been sort of itching to do a top 10 on something in particular. I know it’s not at all video game related, but I want to do this. You probably (well, definitely) don’t know this about me but I love 80s hair metal music. Big Hair and Big Rock! Granted, more often than not it’s not what one would consider “quality” music, but it is entertaining nonetheless! It’s all about having a good time!

So, does anyone have any ideas on how I can tie in a top-10-sleaze-metal-albums list in with video games?? Because aside from being an avid retro game collector (I own friggin 5 Genesis systems, 3 Sega CDs, 3 32X systems, and all other odd Genesis stuff!), I used to be BIG into collecting hair metal CDs, cassettes, and vinyls. I got a top 10 sleaze rock list in my damn head!

Name the band and I'll forever remember your awesomeness!

Name the band and I’ll forever remember your awesomeness!


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  1. GOOD LUCK hope NB is still around when you get back muwahaha!

  2. Myrtle Beach!? Yes I know if it! I was actually born in Greenville South Carolina..

  3. Sonic made it to the Master System??? That’s crazy, I don’t think I have any Sonic SMS games, and I actually have a fairly large number of SMS game.

  4. OMG Spr Maro Six Fo’ sucks shyt!


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