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What's Shakin' at the Bacon

nerdberryNerdberry Owner

Congrats to NB author InfiniteKnife! He just got married!

The WatchmanThe Watchman Owner

The greatest year in gaming history is now..well, history. Looking forward to seeing how 2018 stacks up!

elder grapeVariand Owner

Framework and several plugins updated. Several issues fixed. Let me or other admins know if you find goofy stuff

InfiniteKnifeInfiniteKnife Twitch

Thinking of doing a stream series soon. The theme: Retro games I never beat as a kid and want to try again. Thoughts?

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  • nerdberry
    nerdberry: great review Saris! I need to check this out. my experience with South Park games is simply 90s and early……
  • Some Dork: The soundtrack kicks major butt in my headphones though.…

Bacon Badges Key

Have you noticed the icons appearing next to our members’ names lately?  Have you noticed how even more pop up when you move your cursor over them?  Well, if you’re reading this, I’ll assume you were curious and clicked on one of these icons.  It’s our way of recognizing the rank and accomplishments of our members.

The first badge represents a member’s rank (“rank badge”).  Once they’ve become a full-fledged author (or more), a second badge is added denoting how many published articles they’ve contributed to the site (“post badge”).  These numbers provide a pretty good representation of a member’s overall involvement, but we also want to recognize other achievements, shown in the box that appear.  Want to know what they all mean?  Here’s the rundown:

Rank Badges

Mushroom Badge – ContributorMushroom Badge – For members with 5 published articles.


Carrot Badge – Senior ContributorCarrot Badge – For members with 10 published articles.


Frog Suit Badge – Junior AuthorFrog Suit Badge – For members with 15 published articles.


Raccoon Leaf Badge – AuthorRaccoon Leaf Badge – For members with 20 published articles.


Feather Badge – ReporterFeather Badge – A member of author status who brings us the latest news when it comes to gaming.


Fire Flower Badge – EditorFire Flower Badge – A member of author status who assists us with editing and publishing articles.


Sledgehammer Suit Badge – Department Manager/SpecialistSledgehammer Suit Badge – Specialists on our staff who assist us in specific areas.


Tanooki Suit Badge – ExemplarTanooki Suit Badge – A member recognized for their extraordinary contributions to the site.


Whistle Badge – Assistant AdministratorWhistle Badge – Members who are active in managing the site on several levels.


Starman Badge  – AdministratorStarman Badge – The founders and supreme authority here at The Bacon.


Site Service

In addition to holding important administrative and managerial ranks, many members service the site in other ways that deserve distinction.  Here we take a chance to recognize accomplishments outside of the norm, both big and small.

Coin Badge – Financial Contributor – Coin Badge – Awarded to anyone who’s ever thrown a few bucks towards Nerd Bacon.


Music Box – Beneficiary – Music Box Badge – For those who have received free and/or promotional material, digital or physical, from developers, publishers, etc.


Letter (from Old Man to Old Woman) – Exclusive News – Letter (from Old Man to Old Woman) Badge – This is for members who have brought us an exclusive piece of information, be it an interview, a promotional look at a game, or first-hand coverage of an event.


POW – Video Reviewer – POW Badge – For members who have taken the time and effort to produce at least one video for us.


Golden Leaf – Twitch Host – Golden Leaf Badge – Given to those who have hosted at least one official Nerd Bacon Twitch stream.


Statue Leaf – Twitch Attendee – Statue Leaf – Given to those who have attended at least one official Nerd Bacon Twitch stream.


Green Leaf – Blogger – Green Leaf – For members who’ve maintained an active blog here on the site.


Poison Mushroom – Proud Baconeer – Poison Mushroom – For members who’ve created a bio page on the site.  (Don’t take the Poison Mushroom the wrong way…we thought it looked cool and wanted to use it somewhere!)


Gold Mushroom – Enthusiastic Baconeer – Gold Mushroom – For members who’ve filled out a short questionnaire in order to become part of our Meet Team Nerd Bacon running post.


Lightning Bolt Badge – Newsletter Contributor – Lightning Bolt – For members who’ve made a contribution to our bi-weekly newsletter.


Metal Box Badge – Recruiter – Metal Box Badge – For members who have referred prospective new members to the site.


Cube of Zoe – LNNB Attendee – Cube of Zoe Badge – For members who have attended our casual Late Night Nerd Bacon (LNNB) Twitch stream.


Content Badges

These badges are a loose representation of the diversity that a given member has brought to The Bacon.  We cover an immense scope, and we love to see members with an equally diverse interest in gaming.

Screwattack – Columnist – Screwattack Badge – For members who’ve kept up a regular column on a topic of their choosing under the “Beyond Bacon” section.


Map Badge – News Writer – Map Badge – For members who’ve contributed at least once piece of news to the site.


Potion – Do-It-Yourself-er – Potion Badge – For members who’ve written at least one DIY article.


Box Hat – Top 10 Composer – Box Hat Badge – For members who’ve written at least one Top 10 (or similar) article.


Hammer – Hardware Reviewer – Hammer Badge – For members who’ve written at least one hardware review.


Question Block Badge – Nintendo Contributor – Question Block Badge – For members who’ve written a review of a game for any Nintendo system.


Ring Badge – Sega Contributor – Ring Badge – For members who’ve written a review of a game for any Sega system.


Sackboy Badge – Sony Contributor – Sackboy Badge – For members who’ve written a review of a game for any Sony system.


Chief Badge – Microsoft Contributor – Master Chief Badge – For members who’ve written a review of a game for any Microsoft system.


Joust Badge – Atari Contributor – Joust Badge – For members who’ve written a review of a game for any Atari system.


Pokedex Badge – PC/Mac Contributor – Pokedex Badge – For members who’ve written a review of any PC/Mac/Linux game.


Pacman Badge – Arcade Contributor – Pacman Badge – For members who’ve written a review of any arcade game.


Angry Badge – Mobile Contributor – Angry Badge – For members who’ve written a review of any game for a mobile platform.


Copy Flower – A Second Opinion – Copy Flower Badge – For members who’ve reviewed a game that we already have a review for (and thus adding their own take of the game or device).


Spirit Orb – Sega’s Frankenstein – Spirit Orb Badge – For members who have reviewed at least one game each for all of Sega’s “Frankenstein” conglomerate: the Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X.


Bat Pentagram – Fanatic – Bat Pentagram Badge – For members who have reviewed at least 5 games from the same franchise.


Duplicator – Super Fanatic – Duplicator Badge – For members who have reviewed at least 10 games from the same franchise.


Post Badges

Once a member reaches the rank of author or higher, their rank badge remains in place while a second badge continues to represent their level of contribution.

Mini Mushroom Badge

Mini Mushroom – 30 Posts

Propeller Mushroom Badge

Propeller Mushroom – 40 Posts

Acorn Badge

Acorn – 50 Posts

Bee Mushroom Badge

Bee Mushroom – 60 Posts

Spring Mushroom Badge

Spring Mushroom – 70 Posts

Ghost Mushroom Badge

Ghost Mushroom – 80 Posts

Rock Mushroom Badge

Rock Mushroom – 90 Posts

Mega Mushroom Badge

Mega Mushroom – 100 Posts

Super Ball Flower Badge

Super Ball Flower – 120 Posts

Ice Flower Badge

Ice Flower – 140 Posts

Cloud Flower Badge

Cloud Flower – 160 Posts

Boomerang Flower

Boomerang – 180 Posts

Golden Flower Badge

Golden Flower – 200 Posts

Blue Shell Badge

Blue Shell – 225 Posts

Bell Badge

Bell – 250 Posts

Cherry Badge

Cherry – 275 Posts

Penguin Suit

Penguin Suit – 300 Posts

Life Mushroom Badge

Life Mushroom – 325 Posts

1-Up Badge

1-Up – 350 Posts

Moon Badge

3-Up Moon – 375 Posts

Rainbow Star Badge

Rainbow Star – 400 Posts


Mini-Star – 425 Posts

Red Star

Red Star – 450 Badges

Grand Star

Grand Star – 475 Posts

Shine Sprite

Shine Sprite – 500 Posts

Social Networking Badges

The Bacon is making a sizable effort to involve ourselves on multiple social networking sites, and we like to recognize the members that help and support us on those various sites.

Book of Magic

Book of Magic – Facebook Follower


P-Wing – Twitter Follower


P-Balloon – Google+ Follower


Cloud – YouTube Subscriber

Banana Peel

Banana Peel – Tumblr Follower

Kuribo's Shoe

Kuribo’s Shoe – Flickr Contributor


Anchor – RSS Subscriber

Pal Pill

Pal Pill – Follower on 3 or more social networks

Strength Bracelet

Strength Bracelet – “Liked” on StumbleUpon



Special Badges

"Two" Badge – 2 Year Anniversary – Double Shot Badge – Our first limited edition badge, available to members who provided us with reviews for 2 “first sequels” during August 2015, the month of our 2 year anniversary.


Triforce Badge – 1 Year of Continual Service – Triforce Badge – For members who have provided Nerd Bacon with a year of continuous contributions.


Compass Badge – Project Obscure Participant – Compass Badge – A badge for members who have contributed at least one suitably obscure hardware or game review for our ongoing “Project Obscure.”


Pumpkin Badge – October Participant – Pumpkin Badge – A badge for members who have contributed at least one monster or horror themed game review for the month of October.


Varia Suit Badge – Retroary (February) Participant – Varia Suit Badge – A badge for members who have contributed at least one “retro” game or hardware review (pre-2000) for the month of February.


Egg Badge – April’s Foolish Games Participant – Egg Badge – A badge for members who have contributed at least one “foolish” (bad!) game review for the month of April.


E-Tank Badge – E3 Participant – E-Tank Badge – A badge for members who have contributed at least one news article during our efforts to cover E3.


Crown Badge – Extraordinary Performance – Crown Badge – An intermittently awarded badge that goes out to Nerd Bacon’s very finest.  While all of our Baconeers work hard, a few do so much more than we ask and really put in the extra effort to make us bigger, better, and stronger.  Many of these individuals work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that we get as much done as we possibly can!


Maxim Tomato – Featured Writer – Maxim Tomato Badge – A badge for members who’ve written an article which we (the administration) has decided to feature in the homepage slideshow.


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