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Resistance: Fall of Man – PlayStation 3

Resistance: Fall of Man – PlayStation 3

RFOMPlatform: PlayStation 3

Release Date (NA): November 17, 2006

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Sony

Genre: FPS

Nerd Rating: 7 out of 10

Reviewed by Shadow Links

Insomniac Games, famous for the Spyro and Ratchet and Clank series, took a significantly new approach in their new IP for the next generation with the creation of Resistance, a almost psychological FPS set in an alternate 1950s during an alien invasion of the Chimera. It was a departure from the typical bright and colorful scenes and silly humor to an M rated war story with realistic visuals with a sepia filter and a dark mystery behind it all. As one of the launch titles, it has the remarkable feat of being the first PS3 game to sell over 1 million copies

How much of the story is told.

How much of the story is told.

The story takes place in Europe in real locations, such as the Manchester Cathedral, following a soldier named Nathan Hale. You follow his exploits in the war as he is given missions getting to and exploring locations of interest as he stumbles across pieces of what seems to be a much larger puzzle. Most of the time you play alone, but occasionally you have NPC squads in the area, or a single character that sticks with you for a mission. While there is some chatter from other characters while you are playing, it usually doesn’t do more than tell you the next objective. The story is almost exclusively told through cut scene stills, which normally I would find boring, but the narrative and the tone improves the experience and actually adds to the mystery. There are a few exceptions to this when you and one of the main NPCs interact.

resistance 4The gameplay is somewhat typical of a FPS, with the inclusion of a variety of weapons what are all significantly different. I had a tendency of using only about 3 of the weapons, but each is very useful in different situations and all of them have an alternate fire-mode for some variability. There is a basic assault rifle with a noob-tube alt, the Auger, which can drill through cover including a barrier created by the alt-mode, and even a unnerving organic mine cluster shooting gun. The map locations  were very linear with open rooms typically serving for firefight areas.

More Guns

More Guns

A nice addition to the game was the way they approached health. It has a 4 bar system with small regeneration and itemized health. Your character is human, so your health never increases its max past the original 4 bars. When you take damage the bar drains, but can regenerate with time as long as you don’t lose the entire bar. You can only gain full bars back with health packs, which even on normal, are scattered all over the place. I’ve always been more of a fan of this method for health since it has a degree of forgiveness in taking damage, but doesn’t make you feel like you are a regenerating god by stopping and eating rocks on the ground or something.


Intel can be found in the maps

Intel can be found in the maps

The insomniac tradition of skill points made its way in, which if completed, unlocks various content. For each level there are a few points which you can try to complete but your only hint is the title of the skill point. Replay value is also added due to some weapons only being unlocked in the second playthrough, which might disappoint some.

One thing that really struck me while playing it was the uneasy feeling I had the whole time. Its kinda like a creeping feeling that something horrible was going on that I wasn’t aware of.

Nerd Rating: 7

I actually had a hard time rating this title. I found the story as an intriguing mystery that tends to missing from typical FPS titles, but it lacked the punch to really show it since it was only really told through the cutscenes which still manage to add to the effect. (.5) The gameplay was fairy well paced since you received new toys at well timed intervals to keep the action interesting, but later it really bogged things down with too many options. (1)  Later even with all the weapons and enemy types, fire fights ended up always being very similar. (1) The insomniac system with extras and skill points, while interesting, didn’t really seem to fit the game in my opinion. (.5)

Regardless of my review, as a launch title for the new generation this was an outstanding game that was able to build into a multi-game series and keep Insomniac as one of the top developers for Sony.

There is a competitive multiplayer aspect with map packs available, but at the time of reviewing I was unable to play it.

Game recommendations:
Spyro series – developer
Ratchet and clank series – developer
Killzone – Early PS3 FPS with similar gameplay

Reviewed by Shadow Links

Written by Nerd Bacon

Nerd Bacon


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  2. Shadow Links says:

    I have the 2nd one and have started playing it. Feel free to go ahead and review them if you want. I had asked earlier and they were fine with multiple reviews for a single game and it could be a while before I finish 2 and buy 3.

  3. Hey, how much of the resistance series have you played? Just the first, or all three? Because if you haven’t played the lot, i can pick up the baton for you, i loved the resistance series. One of my favorite FPSs =D


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