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NeoGaf Bans Users For Not Following The Party Line On Donald Trump

NeoGaf Bans Users For Not Following The Party Line On Donald Trump

Popular gaming forum NeoGaf, which prides itself in hosting an “civil, evidence-based discussion” on various video game industry-related news and topics has banned members for posts that are not anti-Trump.

The numerous bans were handed out during discussion within a topic entitled: “How can the games industry resist and push back against Trump & his fascism?

The original post by NeoGaf member, Lime, asks what methods developers and publishers might be able to utilize in order to combat what the user describes as President-Elect Donald Trump’swhite supremacist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, imperialistic ideology“. The post went on to offer suggestions such as; donations to civil rights groups, increasing the diversity of staff by hiring people from groups the author describes as “oppressed”, and whether news outlets will address the societal context in which they cover video game news.

The NeoGaf author even asks if “Microsoft consider how their own company is situated in a country with a white supremacist government?”

No evidence or examples were offered in the original post to support the assertion that Donald Trump is any of the things of which he has been accused of by Lime.

Counter posts on the NeoGaf thread that remotely questioned the legitimacy of these claims, or even expressed fatigue in seeing similar posts through out the internet were banned by forum moderators.

NeoGaf owner Tyler Malka has seemingly allowed the banning of members who do not adhere to the view that President-Elect Donald Trump is a bigoted fascist.

NeoGaf owner Tyler Malka has seemingly allowed the banning of members who do not adhere to the view that President-Elect Donald Trump is a bigoted fascist.

The following posts, all of which were located on the first page of the thread, resulted in bans for their respective members:

Just what the gaming industry needs to be taken seriously: taking sides in politics with an aim to undermine the results of a democratic election.
The FUD echoing the chamber on GAF right now is unbearable and the mods would do well to confine it to OT – Hix
I agree.
Also, by the time trump commentary made it into a commercial product it would be akin to throwing in a stale meme, so I hope it’s nothing direct. – Nose Master
Who said he is fascist? – PhillipDoesMatter
Maybe, just maybe, they’ll continue behaving exactly how they have and not involve themselves in embarrassing hyperbolic political propaganda. But I’m just spit balling here. – benjammin
 If you’re so scared there is the 2nd amendment – Azzurri
How can one half of the population’s extremist control freaks combat the other half of the population’s extremist control freaks? – NinjamicWZ
No, his problem is that you make very little argument here in gaming than “trump bad, how can we fight back”….which is exactly what people are doing in OT.
If this was a “EA backing Trump policies” or “Nintendo making game against Trump” it would make more sense for a discussion than your hypothetical “discussion” you put over here – Blackjaw
Wow. Maybe keep this stuff to non gaming. If you wanna debate Trump and the election that’s cool.
But this seems a bit of a stretch to have in the gaming forum – VinceDiCola
Another now banned user going by the name whyman stated: “I dont see why you should work against the will of the people. That is the real fascism.”
He later confirmed his NeoGaf banishment via his twitter account –  raising the question as to whether or not his expulsion was the result of not completely following the narrative that the incoming United States President is a fascist.

I reached out directly to whyman and verified that he had not received an explanation for his banishment, from NeoGaf site moderator’s. He also confirmed his belief that his above quoted post was the reason for the blocking, since he does not post on that site regularly.

If the bans did indeed result from comments that could be construed as pro-Trump, or at least neutral-Trump, then they would run counter to NeoGaf’s own stated rules of conduct.

Article II of the NeoGaf terms of service states that “Negative commentary and minority opinions are not frowned upon, but members are expected to be able to substantiate their positions.”

While NeoGaf does reserve the right to institute a ban at any time, the troubling irony here is the denial of any argument to the questions posed by the original author that run contrary to the assertion that President-Elect Trump is a fascist. This behavior, in and of itself, is a disturbing form of institutionalized fascism on the part of the NeoGaf moderators.

A feeling of shock and anger has swept over young millennials sympathetic to Democratic party nominee, Hillary Clinton, in the wake of the stunning upset victory of her rival, Donald Trump, in last week’s US Presidential Elections.

Vast swaths of mostly twenty-somethings, too young to have been politically aware prior to the election of current US President Barack Obama, have engaged in numerous protests throughout the country, although the goals of these demonstrations is unclear.

What are your thoughts?

Do you feel that NeoGaf is indeed banning users for posting anything but an anti-Trump sentiment? If so, do you think that form of censorship is justified, or do you think that the NeoGaf powers that be have failed to practice the tolerance that they ardently profess?

Exercise your free speech in the comments section below.

Written by The Watchman

The Watchman

The Watchman is a journeyman gamer who has seen and played a good chunk of gaming history.
He’s also an actor, a reporter, a pro wrestling connoisseur, and some say he’s a cat whisperer.
If you have any questions or just want to drop me a line, hit me up at
Or follow me on Twitter @DavetheWatchman
You can also game with me!
Look me up on Xbox Live @ DJKhadoken
Or on PlayStation Network @ Eaglevision_dl


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  1. gucciguility says:

    Some of the headlines posted in the offtopic section about Trump are kind of kneejerk reactioins. I’m thinking most people on the site are millenials as I see most of the posting about having just seen Star Wars or the Godfather for the first time in their lives. They take every headline literally and don’t think critically. Whatever, anime kids who at least don’t hack you for lulzl is safer than the alternative..

  2. @DocCroc – Hey, anyone criticizing Sony should be banned from the Earth IMO. (jk ;D)

    But seriously, political conversations should be left alone in their own non-gaming thread section and only modded to prevent harassment/straight-up flaming, or just not have a place on the site at all. Wasn’t a fan of any candidate this year (Republican, Democratic, or Independent) but I think everyone should be able to speak their mind or we’ve already lost. It’s just a shame we can’t have that without people immediately hating each other for their opinions or having authorities silence groups of people :l

  3. I don’t usually like to talk about politics on here-mostly because I believe politics and gaming should not mix-but this IS NeoGaf we’re talking about here. The only thing the mods on there do is ban GamerGaters, Sony critics, and anyone who disagrees with them.

    Now some folks disagree with the idea that that counts as censorship, but when your rules against hate speech and abuse aren’t equally enforced on everyone and you only ban those whose opinions you disagree with, THAT is censorship. THAT is hypocrisy. Tell me, Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter for “inciting a hate mob at Leslie Jones,” but where was Jack Dorsey when several so called “professional journalists” incited a hate mob against Palmer Luckey’s girlfriend for being a Trump supporter?

    Vote and believe what you will, but calling yourself a feminist while parading around with signs that say “Rape Melania” makes you a sexist. Claiming you are not a racist while spray painting “Kill White People” and “Die, White People, Die” on public property and calling black conservatives “Uncle Toms” makes you a racist. Saying that you are all for LGBT rights, but pushing for any LGBT folks who didn’t support your candidate to be brutally killed is homophobic.

  4. I’ve seen this sort of thing play out elsewhere, with the moderators turning against normal members and enjoying the power kick of booting anyone who doesn’t personally agree with their viewpoints. The mods will eventually chase everyone away and the people who were forced to leave will find somewhere else to post. You guys are better for relocating, you don’t want to stay in that crazy house any longer than you have to.

    (For the record, I never supported Trump, but I go to gaming forums to talk about video games, not to have other folks’ political opinions shoved down my throat.)

  5. It’s really disheartening, and frankly, alarming to to see this level of censorship on a non-political site like NeoGaf.

    Do the mods not understand that the actions that they are undertaking, are the text book definitions of fascist behavior? Or do they just not care?

    • They just don’t care. Do you think they’d allow any other non-gaming thread in the gaming forum if it didn’t echo the political sentiments of the moderators? Of course not. They’re just frustrated that their political candidate lost, allowing a thread that acts as an echo chamber for that frustration even though the discussion has nothing to do with gaming, and then banning any user that disagrees. At the end of the day, they’re just acting like a bunch of petulant children and embarrassing themselves.

  6. Page 2 got banned.
    After trump won the mods are on a warpath.
    One of the mods sig is fuck trump.

    Seems pretty healthy for a two sided discussion right?

    • Don’t forget that one of the mods (Y2Kev) admitted to being a Clinton campaign operative, claiming to have been flown around for campaign activities.

  7. I’m the poster benjammin that you quoted above. I was also banned, presumably for my comment in that thread, without any actual reasoning. I guess you get slapped with a ban for so much as questioning the views of the echo chamber. FWIW I didn’t even vote for Trump, just thought that the discussion was idiotic for a GAMING forum. Oh well, no need to waste time posting on a discussion forum that doesn’t allow discussion.


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