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Mortal Kombat X DLC “Kombat Pack” Causes Waves of Disappointment

Mortal Kombat X DLC “Kombat Pack” Causes Waves of Disappointment

Mortal Kombat X, released just over 24 hours ago, has already generated a massive wave of outcry and disappointment among consumers (including yours truly).  Many users pre-ordered the $89.99 package, which in addition to the game ($59.99) included a $30 DLC “Kombat Pack.”  Several other fans (yours truly) were offered the same deal at the register – tack on $30 to your bill and receive exclusive skins and exclusive characters!

Mortal Kombat X - Kombat Pack DLC

Available 4-14? Eh, well, not exactly…

As scores of gamers rent to redeem their online codes, a disheartening truth began to settle in.  Though the code was successfully redeemed and though the Kombat Pack was indeed marked as “Purchased,” there was nothing to download.  Players tried everything from accessing the PlayStation and Xbox online stores via the game to manual searches for content on respective networks.

Like usual, it all comes down to the fine print.  Apparently the wording that accompanied this purchase was misleading – the $30 Kombat Pack covers content to be released in the near future.  Most of us had rightly assumed that this content would be available immediately, though it turns out only a small selection of Day One Samurai Skins for three characters are all that can be downloaded currently.

Also of note is that many Day One consumers are having trouble downloading Goro as well, which was promised as a Day One, pre-order bonus.  Fortunately, there is a solution to this.  For the time being, it seems impossible to download Goro via the in-game interface.  However, if you manually search for “mortal kombat x” in your provider’s store, you should see the package marked as “Purchased” and should then be able to download the character from there.  It also seems like this is the only way to access what little of the Kombat Pack is currently available, the Samurai Skins.

Mortal Kombat X - Goro DLC

Indeed, at least Goro does in fact live.

For now, it looks like we’ll have to wait for these new and nifty characters that we all thought we’d be able to play with out of the box.  Worse still, it looks like the content will be released in four different installments.  Goodies promised include the long-awaited Tremor (from Mortal Kombat: Special Forces) as well as Tanya (first introduced in Mortal Kombat 4) as well as two non-universe characters, Jason Vorhees and Predator.  There’s still no word on exactly when the Kombat Pack will drop.

Click here for the site that the PlayStation Support forums are citing as the solution to this “problem.”

I don’t know what it looks like over on Microsoft’s end, but I image it’s just the same.  Check out this thread of 11 pages and almost 18,000 views worth of people frantically searching for answers on how to access their Kombat Pack.

I think most of us would’ve been happier with a glitch or temporary server issues as the answer…but no, just a bit of trickery, or perhaps clever marketing, depending which side of the $$$ you’re on…

One thing’s for sure, as much as Mortal Kombat X has been anticipated, it has certainly created a lot of unhappy paying customers in the last several hours.

Mortal Kombat X - Kombat Pack DLC

Don’t get me wrong, the game is great so far, but this is sort of like the gaming equivalent of blue balls.

Written by The Cubist

The Cubist

Co-founder, Head Author, & Site Technician

Find out what these ratings mean and how I rate video games.

I collect as much video gaming paraphernalia as I can get my hands on, especially when it comes to hardware. With over 40 systems including oldies like the ColecoVision and Intellivision, obscurities like the CD-i and 3DO, and the latest and greatest including the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and PS Vita, I get easily overwhelmed. Most of the time you can find me firmly nestled sometime between 1985 and 1995 when it comes to my games of choice, but I’m also having a great time seeing what the 8th generation has to offer.

Currently in love with: Mortal Kombat

Email me anytime, about anything:

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  1. Kombat Pass = Season Pass, if you’re familiar with the Call of Duty/Battlefield DLC schedule. You pay a cheaper price for all the year’s DLC at once and get it as it releases. If you bought it from a GameStop store, the associates are to blame. The fliers we were given for reference in my store specifically state that Jason releases in the last week of this month, to be followed every two weeks by another character, along with more costumes. Totally bummed myself, too, when I found out Jason wasn’t Day 1. Had a lot of customers go without the KP when I told them they had to wait for characters.

    • It makes total sense looking at all the official info about it. At first I just thought I was being stupid or ignorant because I don’t really do all that much with DLC, but then I saw that explosive thread on Sony’s site and realized I wasn’t the only one who was under the impression that I was purchasing content that I’d be able to use right then and there.

      I still think it’s kinda strange how the MKX + PS Store interface seems to be broken. As of last night, you can’t download Goro or the Samurai Skins from within the game; it just says “no content available” or something, You have to go to the PS Store and search for it before the goods will actually download.

      I was REALLY excited about Tremor. Bummed that I didn’t get to experience him yesterday, but I’m still glad he’ll be on the roster soon enough!


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