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King’s Field – PlayStation

King’s Field – PlayStation

king's field box

Platform: PlayStation

Developer: From Software

Publisher: ASCIIware

Release Date: February, 15, 1996

Genre: First Person Role Playing Game

Ranking: Paragon of Perfection

Reviewed by: Juuchi Yosamu

This was the first game I bought for my PlayStation which turned out to be a blessing and a curse. This was the game that set the bar for the rest so naturally that made 99% of the games currently out at the time, and for a while after, complete and utter trash. Lets get a little information about the game before I go into why I love this game so much.


King’s Field takes place on the island of Melanat. Your quest was to reclaim the holy sword known as the Moonlight Sword and return it to King Alfred. Before you reach the island, your ship meets with disaster and you, Prince Alexander, are its sole survivor.

king's field ocean

Yeah… try not to fall to your death.


I hate easy games: When King’s Field starts, that’s it, no tutorial, no nothing. Surely, like I did, you will probably run off the ledge into the ocean and die instantly. For the most part, you are free to go wherever you like. Apart from keys and artifacts are needed to progress within the main story line, there is nothing stopping you from wandering into places that you are no where near ready for. The game pretty much tells you to put your big boy pants on and figure it out or be destroyed.

I LOVE secrets: The game is loaded with false walls, hidden wall compartments and ledges you need to run off ledges and pray you land in the right spot. On top of that, there are also booby traps to keep you on edge while hunting for said treasures. Trap floors, javelins, guillotine pendulums and more await the carefree explorer.

I love variety: I don’t like it when there is the “best” spell or the “best” weapon unless you mean they are best for the way you play or the best for a certain enemy. There are many weapons, spells and armor in King’s Field but none are really, hands down, “the best.” I like to change my equipment regularly to keep things interesting.

I’m always a fan of shops and leveling, if I don’t feel like I’m fighting for a reason I might as well just run around everything. You can purchase an array of things from weapons to keys if you don’t feel like looking for spares.

king's field skeleton

On your quest for booty…. try not to get cornered by false walls.


Ah… the hunt it is on… how will I kill you? Shivved with a shank or shanked with a shiv? There are many different classes of weapons each dealing different forms of damage. You have chop, slash and stab for melee and earth, wind, fire, water and light for magic. The type of damage an enemy is weak to varies so plan accordingly.  It is also good idea to store some bolts or arrows for when you need to strike from a distance. If you’re vigilant, you may come across some enchanted weapons… due to my discerning eye and  my unparalleled skill (cornered by monsters and mashing buttons frantically) I was able to deduce that some weapons have special magic powers within. Some are extremely powerful and are worth searching for so keep an eye out! Also on your quest you will find magic crystals, one for each of the 5 elements. If you’re lucky enough to find all 4 of each class the pay out is worth the trouble.

king's field spell

Flash: A powerful light spell that homes in on nearby enemies.

king's field bow

Luckily, in this faceless world, an arrow to the eye won’t hurt so much.

Graphics & Audio

For it’s time the graphics in King’s Field were phenomenal, even now a tear comes to my eye when casting “Flame.” Although none of the NPCs have faces…. but who cares?! Faces are for losers anyways. Music is crucial to me easily outweighing graphics when it comes to deciding a games worth. The music goes perfectly with the game, as if there was the perfect song for bludgeoning skeletons in face right? The music is so… ominous, I could be walking in a field of flowers, rainbows and butterfly kisses and feel like any second that butterfly would snap my neck.


I would recommend taking a few minutes to level up here and there. you don’t want to turn a corner and get blasted by a trap or an enemy that, until he tore you a new one, didn’t seem that formidable. Thankfully the game is pretty well balanced and you won’t have to grind for hours to receive a level.

Wall Flower 

If you’re a completionist (Guilty) you will spend a good deal of time hugging walls and spamming the action button. Two pieces of advice: Don’t get stabbed in the face by javelins and stock up on phantom rods, save the game, explore, then load up previous save to restore your rods.

king's field spider sword

It exists…. Don’t give up!

Completionist Beware

To my brothers and sisters: Your fortitude as a completionist will be tested! You may even begin to doubt that it exists…. you  may try to trick yourself into believing that it’s all a lie but I won’t let you! It’s real…. don’t give up! The Spider Sword is the one of the rarest items I’ve ever had to hunt down…..


Realistically, the replay value is fairly slim. If you spent the time to explore everything, it is quite taxing. Now if you attempted to get the Spider Sword, this game may give you nightmares. King’s Field is definitely worth playing and I still swear by it being one of the greatest games ever made….. except for maybe that damn sword.




Written by Nerd Bacon

Nerd Bacon


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