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Just realized... One month until Black Friday..

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Hope everyone is safe during these hurricanes and wildfires! Irma and Harvey are total b-holes.

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Top 10 Best Bacon Brands

Top 10 Best Bacon Brands

What is the best bacon you can buy at a grocery store? Well, let the NerdBerry break it all down for you!




Hey all you bacon lovers. I know, I know, this is a video game website and we’re talking about bacon. We may love video games at an unhealthy level, but we love bacon too! Everyone does. So, in the spirit of bacon, I’ve spent the last 3 months clogging up my arteries so I can save you $5 of the wrong pack of bacon and help you spend that $5 the right way with a quality flavorful cut that’s guaranteed to help you start your day right, or maybe help you make the tastiest BLT you’ve ever had.

Everyone has a bacon preference. Everyone has a bacon brand they like. But not everybody takes it as seriously as I do. Y’all may not know it, but I have been in the restaurant industry for 10 years now and I’ve held numerous job titles including host, server, busser, dishwasher, utility, bartender, prep cook, line cook, head chef, assistant manager, FOH supervisor, and assistant director. So I pride myself on my knowledge of quality food over poor food. You can’t know what good food is unless you eat it. You may like that bacon you eat religiously, but maybe you haven’t really wandered too far beyond the pasture to check the pork on the other side of the hill. After all, the grass is always greener over there isn’t it?

So let me take the guess-work out for you. Or you can feel free to go find out for yourself what YOUR favorite is and make your list! This is not definitive of all bacon ever made in America. Here in North Carolina though, pork is king and bacon reigns supreme. So there may be a brand or two that you’ve never heard of. But a lot of these places will ship bacon. I came into this project with a heavy bias towards one brand. Just like most out there I had my favorite and I was stuck in my ways. But now I have seen the light and I’ve met many a good tasting pig. So, without keeping you waiting any longer, click NEXT at the bottom to scroll through some of the best grocery store bacon you can get your hands on! Being number 10 is definitely NOT a bad thing! Making the list is great in and of itself.

bacon cover

*This compilation is based on packaged bacon, not butcher’s bacon or restaurant-made bacon. Taken into consideration in the rating system are: Taste, quality, consistency, flavor balance, cost value, and overall satisfaction.

The 10th best bacon. hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

The 9th best bacon. hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

The 8th best bacon. hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

The 7th best bacon. hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

The 6th best bacon. hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

The 5th best bacon. hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

The 4th best bacon. hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

The 3rd best bacon. hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

The 2nd best bacon. hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

The absolute best bacon! hover cursor over for a spoiler preview

Proceed to Number 10

Written by Nerdberry


What’s up yall? David “Nerdberry” here! I am the founder of Nerd Bacon and the current co-owner (and CEO) along with partner David “theWatchman!” I hail from North Carolina, hence my love for all things pork! Oh, you’re not familiar with NC? Well I’m not 100% sure, but I am pretty confident that NC and VA lead the nation in pork production. I could be wrong, but even if I am, I still love bacon!

Come enjoy some bacon and games with us yall.


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